Answer to Question #29826 in Inorganic Chemistry for Shiela

Question #29826
True or False

1. The presence of at least one lone pair on a molecule (with polar bonds) will make the molecule polar.
2. The geometry of a molecule is explained by the valence bond theory.
3. In valence bond theory, the bonding orbitals are spread over the entire molecule.

4. Which one of the following is INCORRECT?
a) if two 1s (atomic) orbitals form molecular orbitals. they would form two bonding orbitals.
b) Bonding molecular orbitals are lower in energy than their parent atomic orbitals.
c) Valence Bond theory cannot explain the extended pi bonding in a resonance structure.
d) Valence bond theory is based on the idea that bonds are formed from the overlap of atomic orbitals.
e) All the the above are correct.
Expert's answer
1) True
3) False
2 and 3& explains the Molecular orbital theory
4) a and c are incorrect
One& molecular orbital in the molecule is constructed by adding& the two 1s atomic orbitals that come together to form this molecule.
When two atomic orbitals overlap head-to-head, a sigma bond is formed. Pi bonds occur when orbitals overlap parallel to each other. Single bonds have one sigma bond, double bonds consist of one sigma bond and one pi bond, and triple bonds contain one sigma bond and two pi bonds.
A& pi& bond& occurs when the two orbitals overlap to form a bond where the bonding region is above and below the internuclear axis.& Pi bonds can form when two unhybridized p orbitals on adjacent atoms overlap.

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