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Question #196177

a) By making use of chemical equation from a summary diagram of the reaction chemistry, write the chemical equation for the

successive conversions of borax to:

(i) B203

(ii) Boric acid

(iii) Impure boron metal

B) Using the summary diagram of the reaction chemistry, write chemical

the equation for the sequence of the reaction by which borax is converted to

diborane and BF3

C)Predict the probable products of the following reaction and write the

balanced chemical equations

i)BF3 and excess NaF in acid aqueous solution

ii)BCI3 and excess NaCl in acidic aqueous solution

iii)BBr3 and excess NH(CH3)2 a hydrocarbon solvent

Expert's answer

Molecular Formula – H20B4Na2O17

Simplied chemical formula – Na₂[B₄O₅(OH)₄]·8H₂O

Boron(III) fluoride react with sodium fluoride

BF3 + NaF → Na[BF4]

BCl3 + NaCl → NaBCl4

BBr3 + 6NH(CH3)2 → B(N(CH3)2)3 + 3(NH2(CH3)2)Br

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