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Question #184905

1. The ideal gas law equation is derived from the three gas laws. Explain the three gas laws by providing mathematical equations showing the relationship between the relevant quantities.

2. A closed gas cylinder contains 0.500 mol H2, 0.300 mol O2,1.200 mol CO2 at a temperature of 25 degree and a pressure of 2.00 atm.

i. Explain dalton law of partial pressure

ii. Calculate the volume of the cylinder

iii. Calculate the partial pressure of 02 in the container

3. Sketch the S orbital and the 3 types of P Orbitals.

4. Which of the quantum numbers govern,

i. The shape of an orbital?

ii. The energy of an orbital

iii. The spin properties of the electron?

iv. The spatial orientation of the orbital?

5. Write the electron configuration for the following element in the ground state.

i. P and P-3 (atomic number = 15)

ii. Ca and Ca2+ (atomic number =20)

6. If n=3, find

i. Angular momentum quantum number, I

ii. Subshell designation

iii. Magnetic quantum number, mI

iv. Number of orbital in subshells

Expert's answer

Charles' Law- gives the relationship between volume and temperature if the pressure and the amount of gas are held constant.

Boyle's Law - states that the volume of a given amount of gas held at constant temperature varies inversely with the applied pressure when the temperature and mass are constant.

Avagadro's Law- Gives the relationship between volume and amount of gas in moles when pressure and temperature are held constant.

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