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Question #178480

For the reaction, Cl2(g)+2NO(g) 2NOCl(g), the initial concentrations, [Cl2]0 and [NO]0 are given below along the corresponding with initial rates. [Cl2]0/M [NO]0/M Initial rate/Ms-1 0.10 0.10 3.010-3 0.20 0.10 6.010-3 0.20 0.20 2.410-2 Determine (i) the order of the reaction with respect to NO and Cl2; (ii) the rate law; and (iii) the rate constant

Expert's answer

Comparing experiment 2 and 3

We will notice that as the concentration of 2NO doubles, the rate quadruples = 2² . This means that the reaction is second order in respect to 2NO

Comparing experiment 1 and 2, we will notice that as the concentration of Cl2 doubles, the rate also doubles which indicates 2¹ (first order reaction)

Therefore , R = k(Cl2)(2NO)2 is the rate law of the reaction

K = R/[(Cl2)(2NO)2]

Let take the values of experiment 1

K = [3 × 10-3] / [ (0.10)(0.10)²]

K= 3M-2s-1

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