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Question #170735

e first ionization energy of copper is higher than that of potassium whereas the second ionization energy is in the opposite order.

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The electron configuration of K and Cu are given below:

K = [Ar]4s1

Cu = [Ar]3d104s1

Both Cu and K have 1electron in their outermost shell, but Cu also has 10 electrones in its d shell, both elements are in the same period. Therefore, the attraction between the nucleus and electrons in Cu is greater than K.Therefore, atomic size of K is greater than Cu. Greater the atomic size decrease the ionization energy. Therefore, first ionization energy of K is lower than that of Cu.

But After donating one electron the electron configuration of K+ and Cu+ are:

K+ = [Ar]

Cu+ =[Ar]4d10

K+ ion has stable electron configuration and its atomic size is smaller than Cu+. On the other hand, Cu+ have some electrones in its outermost shell. So one can be easily removed. Therefore, the 2nd ionization energy of Cu is lower than the 2nd ionization energy of K.

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