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Question #16644
State three examples each of acids, bases, and salts commonly used in therapeutic processes.
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H3BO3 --- Boric acid can be used as an antiseptic for minor burns or cuts and is sometimes used in dressings or salves. Boric acid is applied in a very dilute solution as an eye wash. Dilute boric acid can be used as a vaginal douche to treat bacterial vaginosis due to excessive alkalinity.[14] As an anti-bacterial compound, boric acid can also be used as an acne treatment. It is also used as prevention of athlete's foot, by inserting powder in the socks or stockings, and in solution can be used to treat some kinds of otitis externa (ear infection) in both humans and animals. The preservative in urine sample bottles (red cap) in the UK is boric acid.

2-Hydroxybenzoic acid ---Salicylic acid is known for its ability to ease aches and pains and reduce fevers. These medicinal properties, particularly fever relief, have been known since ancient times, and it is used as an anti-inflammatory drug.Some researchers believe that salicylate is an essential micronutrient in the human diet, potentially qualifying as a vitamin, namely Vitamin S

2-acetoxybenzoic acid (aspirin) ----Aspirin is used in the treatment of a number of conditions, including fever, pain, rheumatic fever, and inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, pericarditis, and Kawasaki disease. Lower doses of aspirin have also shown to reduce the risk of death from a heart attack, or the risk of stroke in some circumstances. There is some evidence that aspirin is effective at preventing colorectal cancer, though the mechanisms of this effect are unclear

NH4OH ---The 25%& solution of NH4OH in water used in medicine

Calcium sulfate (gypsum) is used in casts to stabilize fractured bones; also used to coagulate soy milk proteins to create tofu, providing a critical source of calcium to Asian countries that do not make extensive use of dairy products.

Sodium bicarbonate reduces stomach acids and can make the urine less acidic. It is used as an antacid to treat heartburn, indigestion, and other stomach disorders. It is also used to treat various kidney disorders and to increase the effectiveness of sulfonamides.

Sodium fluoride is used in dental products to fortify hydroxyapatite composing the enamelin found in teeth to prevent cavities.

Magnesium citrate (laxative)

morphine sulfate (pain medication) are salts

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