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Question #134938
An atom X contains eight electrons in s orbitals, twelve electron in p orbitals, and eight electrons in d orbitals. Write the electronic configuration of X and determine what is atom X?
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atoms have four types of orbitals s,p,d,f

s orbital takes a maximum of 2 electrons

p orbital takes a maximum of 6 electrons

d takes a maximum of 10 electrons

f takes a maximum of 14 electrons

according Pauli's exclusion principle electrons fill up in a certian order depending on their energies

if a shell or orbital is filled electrons move to the next orbital

atom x will have s orbital electrons as 1s22s23s24s2

p orbital electrons as 2p63p6

d orbital electrons as 3d10

the electron configuration of x = 1s22s22p63s23p64s23d10

the atom x has a total of 8+12+10 = 30 electrons , since the number of electrons equal to number of protons (atomic number) ,atom x is zinc

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