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Question #122155
Deduce the group that is obtained by adding or deleting the indicated symmetry operation from each of the following groups.
a. C3 + i
b. C3v + i
c. C5v + σh
d. D. S6 – i
e. Td+ i
f. C3 + S6
Expert's answer

Here, in above question we need to deduce the group for above combination

(a)"C_3+ i" ,

here this represent Element E(C3) and i represent inversion and it belongs to point group.

(b) "C_{3v} +i"

this represents frequent in which 3 vertical planes are present with v represent the vertical axis

(c) "C_{5v} + \\sigma_h"

It lies in point group "C_{nh}"

(d)"D.S_6 -i"

this represent point group "S_n"

(e)"T_d+i" this represents the Cubic groups "T_d"

(f) "C_3 + S_6" this represents summation of "C_n and S_n" group

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