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Question #101990
A small solvent molecule has the following properties: molar heat capacity of the liquid at constant pressure C = 15.7 l/mole-K; molar heat capacity of the gas at constant pressure Cf = 5.12 J/mole-K; boiling point for the liquid at 1 atm pressure = 43.4°C; heat of vaporization of the liquid at 1 atm pressure and 43.4°C - 4440 J/mole. 1.77 moles of the substance is converted from initial conditions of a liquid at P 1.00 atm and T -10.0°C to the final conditions of a gas at Pr. 2.00 atm and Tr - 150°C. You may regard the solvent in the gas phase as an ideal gas. Calculate for the process: G, W, AH, AU. (Hint: Outline how you might take the system from the initial conditions to the final conditions changing only one parameter at a time, but be careful how you do itl). (q + 3.45 M, w=0, AU = 3.45 N, AH 9.68K)
Expert's answer

G = 708.8

W = 0.05

AH = 9.05

AU = 3.2

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