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Question #56319
What would it look like and does a reaction occur: Fe and HCl Zn and HCl Cu and HCl Fe and HNO3 Cu and HNO3 Zn and HNO3
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Iron and zinc force out hydrogen from hydrochloric acid:

Fe + 2HCl → FeCl2 + H2↑

Zn + 2HCl → ZnCl2 + H2↑

Copper is among tension after hydrogen therefore doesn't force out hydrogen from the diluted solution of a hydrochloric acid:
Cu + HCl ≠
With the concentrated hot hydrochloric acid:
2Cu + 4HCl → 2H[CuCl2] + H2↑

With the diluted hydrochloric acid in the presence of oxygen and with a gaseous HCl at 500 — 600 °C:
2Cu + 4HCl + O2 = 2CuCl2 + 2H2O

At interaction of nitric acid of any concentration and the concentrated chamois with metals hydrogen is never emitted.

The concentrated cold nitric acid passivates iron:
Fe + HNO3 ≠

When heating:
Fe + 6HNO3(конц.)→ Fe(NO3)3 + 3NO2↑ + 3H2O

With the diluted nitric acid
Fe + 4HNO3 = Fe(NO3)3 + NO↑ + 2H2O.

With the concentrated nitric acid:

With the diluted nitric acid:

With the concentrated nitric acid:
Zn + 4HNO3 = Zn(NO3)2 + 2NO2↑+ 2H2O
With the diluted nitric acid
4Zn + 10HNO3 = 4Zn(NO3)2 + NH4NO3 + 3H2O.

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