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Question #55535
1. The specific heat capacity of lead is 0.13 J/g•K. How much heat (in J) is required to raise the temperature of 35 g of lead from 22 °C to 37 °C? _______ 2. Given the data in the table below, ΔH°rxn for the reaction Ca(OH)2 + 2H3AsO4 → Ca(H2AsO4)2 + 2H2O is ________ kJ. True/False questions: G) The enthalpy change of a reaction is the reciprocal of the ΔH of the reverse reaction. ________ H) Hf , the standard enthalpy of formation of a compound, is the change in enthalpy for the reaction that forms one mole of the compound from elements with all substances in their standard state._________ I) The enthalpy of a reaction is equal to the heat of the reaction. ________ J) When work is done on a system, w will be a negative value. __________ K) Bomb calorimeter measures q which is ΔH. ___________ L) Standard state of a substance is its pure form at atmospheric pressure (1 atm) and the temperature of 0 °C._________________
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