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Question #224798

The degree of ionization of a weak acid such as acetic acid:

a) increases on dilution

b) increases upon addition of the salt, e.g., sodium acetate

c) is independent of solvent

d) is independent of temperature

e) increases upon addition of a strong acid

2. If the triple point pressure of a substance is greater than 1 atm, we expect

a) the solid to sublime without melting at 1 atm

b) the boiling point temperature to be lower than the triple point temperature

c) the melting point of the solid to come at a lower temperature than the triple point

d) that the substance cannot exist as a liquid

e) that the supercritical pressure would be less than 1 atm

3. Which of the following substances has the lowest standard molar entropy, So, at 298 K?

a) CO2(g) b) NaCI(s) c) CCI4(I) d) C(graphite) e) Hg(l)

Expert's answer

1. b

2. d

3. b

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