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Question #217058

Ammonium phosphate NH43PO4 is an important ingredient in many fertilizers. It can be made by reacting phosphoric acid H3PO4 with ammonia NH3.

What mass of ammonium phosphate is produced by the reaction of 8.4g of ammonia?

Round your answer to 3 significant digits.

Expert's answer

The reaction is

H3Po4+3NH3"\\to" (NH4)3PO4

Given,8.40g NH3=8.40g/molar mass of NH3



From the reaction

3 mol ammonia reacted and produced 1 mole of ammoniam phosphate

So,One mole ammonia reacted and produced 1/ 3 mole ammonium phosphate.

And Also,0.4932 mole ammonium reacted and produced (1/3)0.4932=0.164 mole ammonium phosphate.

Hence 0.164mole=0.164mole*149.08 g/mole

                =24.6gm ammonium phosphate produced.

Hence 24.6 g of ammonium phosphate is produced by the reaction of 8.40 g of ammonia.

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