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Question #206129

  1. a.Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction.
  2. b. How many moles of magnesium chloride can be produced with 3 moles of chlorine
  3. Ethanol burns according to the following equation. If 15.0 mol of C2H5OH burns this way, how many moles of oxygen are needed?
  4. Solutions of iron (III) chloride, FeCl3, are used in photoengraving and to make ink. This compound can be made by the following reaction:
  5. a. How many grams of Fe are needed to combine with 4.5 moles of Cl2?
  6. b. If 240 g of Fe is to be used in this reaction, with adequate Cl2, how many moles of FeCl3 will be produced?
  7. Ammonia is produced synthetically by the reaction below. How many moles of NH3 are formed when 200.0 g of N2 reacts with hydrogen?
  8. Iron metal is produced in a blast furnace by the reaction of iron (III) oxide and coke (pure carbon). If 25.0 moles of pure Fe2O3 is used, how many grams of iron can be produced? The balanced chemical equation for the reaction is:

Expert's answer
  1. FeCl3
  2. 2.3g
  3. 0.5mol
  4. 1g/mol
  5. 5g
  6. 0.3mol
  7. 1.7mol1.2g

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