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Question #203360

103 of hydrogen gas sparked with 20cm3 of oxygen, calculate the volumes of residual gasses after cooling

Expert's answer

Volume of H2 gas = 10 cm3, Volume of O2 gas = 20 cm3

we know that at NTP volume of 1 mole gas = 22400 cm3

number of moles of H2 = "\\frac{10}{22400}= 0.000446"

number of moles of O2 = "\\frac{20}{22400}= 0.000892"

reaction between hydrogen and oxygen is as follows

"2H_2 + O_2 \\longrightarrow 2H_2O"

from above reaction we can say that one mole of hydrogen reaction with 0.5 mole of oxyegn so here limiting reagent is hydrogen

and 0.000446 mole of Hydrogen react with 0.000223 mole of oxygen

mole of gas unreacted = 0.0006698 mole

volume of oxygen unreacted = 15 cm3

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