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Question #201954

When CO2(g) is put in a sealed container at 730 K and a pressure of 10.0 atm and is heated to 1420 K, the pressure rises to 24.1 atm. Some of the CO2 decomposes to CO and O2.

Calculate the mole percent of CO2 that decomposes. Express your answer using two significant figures.

Expert's answer

CO2 -------CO + 1/2O2

If 1mole of CO2 reacted then x moles reacted forming x moles of CO and 0.5x moles of O2

Mass = 49.8 g

Molaar mass of oxygen gas = 32 formula for the calculation of moles is shown below:

Presure and volume are constant, we can use the Avogadro's law as:-

Given ,

V₂ is twice the volume of V₁

V₂ = 2VV₂=2V

n₁ = ?

n₂ = 1.55625 mol

Using above equation as:

0.778125 moles

oles of carbon dioxide = 0.778125 moles

Molar mass of = 44.0 g/mol

Mass of = Moles × Molar mass = 0.778125 × 44.0 g = 34.2 g

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