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Question #201255

1. Why is rusting of iron is an example of spontaneous process? Explain in 2-3 sentences only.

2. Why steam has a greater entropy than ice and water? Explain briefly into 2-3 sentences only.

3. Refrigerator food stays fresh for long periods. The same food stored at room temperature quickly spoils. Why? Explain briefly with perfect explanation about the situation.

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Question 1

A spontaneous process can be defined as a reaction in a system itself and does not need any action from outside the system to continue once it starts. Iron rusting takes place in the same direction once it starts though it’s a slow process, and it also takes place under specific conditions.

Question 2

Entropy can be described as the extent of disorder or randomness of matter. In terms of kinetic energy, gas particles have higher kinetic energy than both liquid and solid particles. The spaces between their particles allow them randomly move faster as compared to solid and liquid particles hence higher entropy.

question 3

In this case, we are looking at the effect of temperature on micro-organisms. Freezing the food will inactivate (make them dormant) any present microbes while leaving it at room temperature will cause the microbes to grow and multiply hence spoiling the food.


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