Answer to Question #199871 in General Chemistry for Kenia Sanchez

Question #199871

 1. Calculate the mass of NaOH required to prepare a one-liter solution with a molarity of 2.80. 2. A quantity of 5.25 grams of NaOH is dissolved in a sufficient amount of water to make exactly a one-liter solution. What is the molarity of this solution? 3. Calculate the molarity of a solution if 80.8 grams of calcium iodide is dissolved in 2250.0ml of water. 4. How many moles of magnesium chloride are present in 60.9ml of a 0.100M magnesium chloride solution? 5. How many grams of KOH are present in 35.0ml of a 5.50M solution?

Expert's answer

1.Mass of NaOH =112g

2.Molarity of the solution =0.13125M

3.Molarity of the solution =0.122M

4.Moles of magnesium chloride present=0.00609moles

5.Grams of KOH =10.8g

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