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Question #195230

1. Camphor (C10H1602) freezes at 175 °C, and it has a particularly large freezingpoint-depression constant, K = 40.0 °C/m. When 0.086 g of an organic substance of unknown molar mass is dissolved in 22.01 g of liquid camphor, the freezing point of the mixture is found to be 1.7 °C below of pure camphor. What is the molar mass of the solute?

2. You add 0.25 g of an unknown solute to 11.1 g of benzene. The boiling point of the benzene rises from 80.10 °C to 80.46 °C. What is the molar mass of the compound? Ko=2.53 °C /m 3. A solution of an unknown non-dissociating solute was prepared by dissolving 0.300 g of the substance in 40.0 g of CC14. The boiling point of the solution was 0.357 °C higher than that of the pure solvent. Calculate the molar mass of the solute. Ko=5.02 C/m


Expert's answer

1.Molar mass of the solute=26.8g

2.molar mass of the solute =47.3g

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