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Question #194309

A gas has a volume of 3.28 L at a temperature of 28.80 oC and pressure of 0.37 atm. What is its volume if the pressure changes to 1.67 atm and the temperature changes to 43.81 oC?

A gas has a volume of 14.20 L at a temperature of 372.18 K and pressure of 3.54 atm. What is its temperature if the pressure changes to 1.25 atm and the volume changes to 5.60 L?

A gas is compressed to a volume of 16.80 L at a pressure of 2.70 atm and a temperature of 290.23 K. If the initial pressure was 1.39 atm and the initial volume was 31.21 L, what was the initial temperature?

What was the initial pressure on a gas if its volume changes from 4.15 L to 11.23 L, its temperature changes from 13.70 oC to 45.00 oC and its final pressure is 0.70 atm?

What was the initial volume of a gas if its pressure changes from 3.49 atm to 1.73 atm, its temperature changes from 140.67 K to 203.05 K, and its final volume is 8.78 L?

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Answer :-

for all parts we use


1)"V=\\frac{0.37\\times3.28\\times316.81}{308.18\\times 1.67}=0.74L"

we changed temperature to kelvin by adding 273


3) T="\\frac{290.23\\times1.39\\times 31.21}{16.80\\times2.70}=277.57K"

4)"P=\\frac{286.7\\times11.23\\times0.70}{4.15\\times 318}=1.72atm"

we changed temperature to kelvin by adding 273

5)"V=\\frac{140.67\\times8.78\\times 1.73}{3.39\\times 203.05 }=3.10L"

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