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Question #192217

SEP Interpret Data Look at the diagram. Imagine the following scenario: A factory where rock salt is kept in its liquid state loses power. The vat that contains the liquid rock salt begins to cool. The factory manager measures the temperature after 1 hour and again after 3 hours. Both readings show that the temperature of the salt is 801°C. What would you expect to see in the vat after 2 hours? Explain why you would expect to see this. Hint: Why would the temperature remain the same for 2 hours?

Expert's answer

Heat transfer is a dynamic process in which heat is transferred spontaneously from one body to 

another cooler body.

For heat transfer:

"\\text{ rate of heat transfer} =" "\\dfrac{\\text{temperature difference}}{\\text{over heat flow resistance of medium}}"

During processing, temperatures may change and therefore the rate of heat transfer will change in a process called unsteady-state heat transfer, contrary to steady-state heat transfer when the temperatures do not change.

Due to thermal conductivity, the temperature remains steady at "801\u00b0C" for the two hours. The thermal conductivity of the water of effervescence in salt remains fairly constant.

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