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Question #190621

These are all separate questions. Thank you in advance.

A 500 mL base has a hydroxide concentration of 0.85 mol/L. If this base is diluted to 950 mL, what is the new hydroxide concentration of the diluted base?

In the science storage room, there is a stock solution for an unknown acid. This acid has a hydronium concentration of 0.55 mol/L, and there is 500mL of this acid left. If you dilute this acid to a volume of 1.3L, what is the hydronium concentration of the new acid?

What is the pOH of a solution with 8.5 g of HCl dissolved in 1.00 L of water.

What mass of NaOH is dissolved in 350mL of water if the pOH is 3.82

Expert's answer


"0.85\u00d7 0.5= 0.95C_2"

"C_2=0.45 mol \/L"

"0.55\u00d70.5= 1.3 C_2"


"Molarity = \\frac{moles}{volume}"

Moles of HCl = "\\frac{8.5}{36.5}= 0.23 moles"

"Molarity=\\frac{0.23}{0.01}=23 M"

"pOH = 14 - pH"

"pH= -log 23= - 1.36"

"pOH = 14 --1.36= 15.36"

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