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Question #188252

1. State the effect that dissolving a solute has on each of the following physical properties of a solvent.

a. Boiling Point

b. Freezing Point

2. Explain why the colligative properties of a solvent are affected more by the dissolving of an electrolyte compared to an equal amount of a nonelectrolyte.

3. Are the values of Kf and Kb dependent on the identity of the solvent, the solute, or both? Explain.

Expert's answer

1.a)The solute raises the boiling point by an amount that depends on the number of particles it contributes go the solution.

b)The presence of a solute lowers the freezing point of any solvent; this effect is called freezing-point depression.

2.Nonelectrolyte solutions are those in which the solute does not dissociate into ions when dissolved; sugar does not dissociate, for example. The number of moles of dissolved particles is greater for electrolyte solutions, so there will be a greater impact on colligative properties.

3.The value of Kb or Kf depends only on the type of solvent & not solute dissolved in it.

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