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Question #184631

Heterogeneous reactions are reactions that occur between reactants that are of different states of matter. For example, UF5 solid reacts with hydrogen gas as shown below.UF5(s) + H2(g) ⇄ UF3(g) + 2HF(g)

A sample of solid UF5 is placed in a rigid 1 L container. H2 gas is added and the

container is heated to 1000C & the reaction above takes place.

When the system is at equilibrium, the partial pressure of H2(g) is 0.800 atm and the partial pressure of UF3(g) is 4.0510-4 atm.

a. Write the equilibrium constant expression for the reaction.

b. Calculate the partial pressure of HF(g) at equilibrium at 1000C.

c. Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction at 1000C.

d. Calculate the Gibbs free-energy change, deltaG0, for the reaction at 1000C.

Expert's answer

Equilibrium constant expression ="K_c=[UF3]^2[HF]"

Partial pressure of HF= 0.800×2=1.6 atm

ΔG∘rxn=−818 kJper mol

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