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Question #181070

Fifty grams of Chlorine reacts completely with Phosphorus obtaining ninety grams of the product.

P4(s) + Cl2(g) = PCl3(l) 

a. Balance the chemical equation;

b. Identify the limiting reactant and the excess reactant if applicable;

c. Compute for the theoretical yield; d. Determine the percent yield of the reaction;

e. Calculate the percent error and

f. Compute for the excess amount of the excess reactant if applicable.

g. Show the complete solutions for your answers in a separate paper.

Expert's answer

Balanced :

P4 + 6Cl2 → 4PCl3

Moles of Cl2 "= \\frac{50}{35}=1.43moles"

Moles of product"(PCl_3)=\\frac{4\u00d71.43}{6}=0.95 moles"

Limiting reactant is "PCl_3" and the excess reactant is "Cl_3"

Theoretical yield "= 0.95\u00d7 137= 130.15 g"

Percent yield "= \\frac { 90}{130.15}\u00d7100=69.15"%

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