Answer to Question #175800 in General Chemistry for Jeremy

Question #175800

Lesson 18

Acidic and Basic Properties

Part A: Lab Simulation:

  1. Submit your observations from watching the video clips in the Properties of Acids and Bases Lab Simulation at the beginning of the lesson.

Part B: Questions:

  1. How are acids and bases different?
  2. How are acids and bases the same?
  3. What test could you use to tell the difference between an acid, base, and water?
  4. Which procedure provided evidence of the ability of acids and bases to cancel out each other's properties?
  5. If acids are present in citrus juices, and bases are present in soaps, which do you think has a bitter taste and which a sour taste?
  6. Which would you be more hesitant to pour down the drain? Explain.
  7. Which is more corrosive to human skin: hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide?
Expert's answer
  1. Aqueous solutions of bases are also electrolytes. Bases can be either strong or weak, just as acids can.
  2. Bases often have a bitter taste and are found in foods less frequently than acids. Many bases, like soaps, are slippery to the touch.
  3. Bases also change the color of indicators. Litmus turns blue in the presence of a base while phenolphthalein turns pink.
  4. Bases do not react with metals in the way that acids do.
  5. Bases react with acids to produce a salt and water.

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