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Question #172674

will equilibrium shift to the left, to the right, or not at all? EXPLAIN

C2H2Cl (s) + HCl (g) ⇌ C2H6 (g) + Cl2 (g) ΔH° = 251 kJ/mol

  1. Some C2H2Cl(s) is added.

  1. The temperature is increased.

  1. The container is compressed.

  1. Some Cl2 (g) is added.

2. When heated, hydrogen sulfide gas decomposes according to the equation below. A 4.30-g sample of H2S (g) is introduced into an evacuated rigid 275-L container. The sealed container is heated to 583 K, and 3.72 x 10-2 mol of S2 (g) is present at equilibrium.

2 H2S (g) ⇌ 2 H2 (g) + S2 (g)

  1. Write the expression for the equilibrium constant, Kc, for the decomposition reaction represented above.

  1. Calculate the equilibrium concentration, in mol L-1, of the following gases in the container at 583 K. (2 pts each)

  1. H2 (g) , H2S(g)

  1. Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant, Kc, for the decomposition reaction at 583 K. (2 pts)

  1. For the reaction: H2 (g) + ½ S2 (g) ⇌ H2S (g) at 583 K, calculate the value of the equilibrium constant, Kc’. (2 pts)

Expert's answer

1) a) right

b) left (ethalpy > 0)

c) not at all

d) left

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