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Question #171284

Answer this in a sheet of paper then upload it here after.


1. the molality of a 37.5 % (m/m) HCl.

2. the grams of water that must be added to 4.00 g KI in the preparation of 2.00 % KI solution.

3. the mole fraction ofC2H6O in a solution containing 75 g of C2H6O in 450 g water.

4. An aqueous solution is 6.00 % methanol CH3OH by mass with a density = 0.988 g/mL. What is the molarity of CH3OH in this solution?

5. Calculate the number of grams of water that must be added to 60.0 g of glucose (C6H12O6) in the preparation of 2.00 m

6. What is the mole fraction of HCl in 20% aqueous HCl solution?

7. the mass of the solution necessary to prepare a solution of 6% (m/m) sodium bicarbonate with 1.00 g of sodium bicarbonate.

8. the molar concentration when 2.60 g of NaCl is dissolved in 40.0 mL solution.

Expert's answer

1. Molarity = 10M

2. Mass of water = 196 g

3. Mole fraction of C2H6 = 0.061

4. Molarity = 1.91M

5. Mass of water = 165g

6. Mole fraction of HCl = 0.109

7. 1 g of NaHCO3 in "\\frac{100}6" g solution = 16.66g

8. Molar Concentration = 1.1M

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