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Question #166373


_____17. Which of the following would be expected to have the largest entropy value per mole?

  a. SO2Cl2(s)   b. SO2Cl2(l)   c. SO2Cl2(g)   d. SO2(g)

_____18. Arrange the following in order of increasing entropy:

CH4 (g) , C(s), Li(s), Na(s)

  a. Li, C, CH4, Na b. C, Li, Na, CH4  c. Na, Li, C, CH4  d. CH4,Li,Na,C

_____19. When a liquid is vaporized

  a. ∆S = 0 b. ∆S > 0 c. ∆S < 0 d. ∆H < 0

_____20. For which process is ∆So negative?

  a. The dissolving of ammonium nitrate in water.

  b. The expansion of a sample of chlorine into a larger volume.

  c. The decomposition of mercury (II) oxide.

  d. The rusting of iron

Expert's answer

17) c. SO2Cl2(g)

18) b. C, Li, Na, CH4

19) b. ∆S > 0

20) d. The rusting of iron

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