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Question #164885

Our bodies absorb oxygen (O2) through our lungs, then distribute this oxygen to our muscles and organs. We have found that the average person has 0.0423 g O2 in their blood. 

(a) If the average person has 4.70 L of blood in their bodies, what is the concentration of oxygen (in Molarity) in the average person’s blood? (assume that blood is just water)



​(b) A person can go into shock if they lose too much blood. What mass (g) of oxygen would be lost if a person lost 0.78 L of blood?

Expert's answer

(a) Molar mass of O2 = 32 g/mol

Average mass of O2 in blood = 0.0423 g

Moles of O2 = "\\dfrac{0.0423}{32}=1.321875\\times10^{-3} mol"

Volume of Blood = 4.70 L

"\\therefore" Molarity = "\\dfrac{1.321875\\times10^{-3}}{4.70}\\dfrac{mol}{L}"

Molarity = "2.8125\\times10^{-4}mol\/L"

(b) 1L of blood contains = "2.8125\\times10^{-4}" moles of O2

0.78 L of blood contains = "2.8125\\times10^{-4}\\times0.78" moles of O2

= "2.19375\\times10^{-4}" moles of O2

Mass of O2 lost = "2.19375\\times10^{-4}\\times32" g

= "7.02\\times10^{-3}" g

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