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Calculate the number of atoms in a 7.84×103 g sample of cesium.
The molar mass of barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) is 261.35 g/mol. What is the mass of 5.30 × 1022 formula units of Ba(NO3)2?

0.0900 g

12.0 g

23.0 g

3,130 g
10 g of a mixture of sodium chloride and anhydrous sodium carbonate were made up to 1 dm3 of aqueous solution. 25cm3 of this solution required 20 cm3 of 0.2 M hydrochloric acid for neutralization.What was the mass of sodium chloride in the mixture
100cm3 of solution containing 10 g pure sulphuric acid were mixed with an equal volume of a solution containing 15 g of hydrogen chloride. The mixture was stirred to make it uniform. If there was no volume change during the mixing how many cubic centimetres of 1 M sodium hydroxide solution would be neutralize 25 cm3 of the mixture

I just read on a website that Arginine Pyroglutamate help the body to get rid of nitrogen, i was wonder if i take Arginine Pyroglutamate with l citrulline dl malat which boost the nitrogen production in the body to boost its energy and buff up the muscles and help with the blood flow in the muscles, will they contradict and cancel each other effect, also what form of L Arginine is highly absorbable?

How many gramz and atoms of Oxygen are there in 15 grams of sodium bicarbonate(Molar mass of NaHCO3=84.01g/mol)

[Ar] (n-1)d6

Values of all spin quantum numbers for d subshell of the stem are not same-explain.

Chlorthiazide is an acidic drug with pka 8.41 and pyrimethamine is a base drug with pka 7.41even though both reactive centers are NH and NH2 groups. Assuming the drugs were individually formulated as oral dosage form. Which of the two drugs will have high bioavailability at phone all detailed calculation involved and state reasons for your answer.
A 10 sample of 0.150 M Cu(NO3)2 is mixed with 10.0 mL of 0.100 M NH3 and 80 mL of water and the solution is allowed to reach equilibrium. The solution at equilibrium has an absorbance of 0.455 at 600 nm. calculate Kc for the reaction between Cu2+ and NH3. Show your work very clearly to receive credit.

the air in a cylinder with a piston has a volume of 280 ml and a pressure of 650 mmHg. to obtain a higher pressure inside the cylinder at a constant temperature and the amount of gas, should the volume of the gas in the cylinder change as

a. smaller volume

b. larger volume

c. remains the same

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