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Question #8003
what events of meiosis 2 are identical to steps in mitosis
Expert's answer
Meiosis II is the second part of the meiotic process. Mechanically, the process is similar to
mitosis, though its genetic results are fundamentally different. As a result of meiosis is a
reduction of the number of chromosomes by 2 times, in the process of mitosis is to save the
original number of chromosomes in daughter cells.
In prophase II we see condensation of chromosomes, the cell center is divided and products of
its divisions diverge to the poles of the nucleus, nuclear envelope breaks down, the same
occurs in the prophase of mitosis.
Metaphase II, it is phase when chromosomes are univalent (consisting of two chromatids each)
are located on the "equator" (the same distance from the "poles" of the nucleus) in the same
plane, forming a so-called metaphase plate, the same occurs in the metaphase of mitosis.
In anaphase II chromatids univalents divide and migrate to the poles, the same occurs in the
anaphase of mitosis.

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