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Question #41259
Given below is a food chain. Identify the ‘X’ in this food chain.
Grass > Grasshopper > X > Falcon
(1) Rat: Primary CONSUMER
(2) Small bird: Secondary CONSUMER
(3) Snake: Tertiary CONSUMER
(4) Rat: Secondary CONSUMER
Expert's answer
2) Small bird: secondary CONSUMER
A food chain is the sequence of who eats whom in a biological community to obtain nutrition. A food chain starts with the primary energy source. The next link in the chain is an organism that makes its own food from the primary energy source (for example, a photosynthetic plant that makes its own food from sunlight, using a process called photosynthesis, and chemosynthetic bacteria that make their food energy from chemicals in hydrothermal vents). These are called autotrophs or primary producers.
Next come organisms that eat the autotrophs. They are called herbivores or primary consumers.
The next link in the chain is animals that eat herbivores. These are called secondary consumers. These animals are eaten by larger predators (tertiary, quaternary and etc. consumers).

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