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Question #61637
14 Nematodes belong to the phylum coelenterata arthropoda aschelminthes platyhelminthes 15 Ascaris lumbricoides is a coelenterate nematode protozoa ring worm 16 Animals with a cavity lined by an epithelium of cells are---- animals coelomate parasitic saprophytic acoelomate 17 Which of these is not an example of the phylum annelida? earthworms neanthes leeches hydra 18 Which of these is not a class of the phylum annelida? polychaeta oligochaeta turbellaria hirundea 19 Earthworm belong to the class polychaeta turbellaria oligochaeta hirundea 20 The part of an earthworm that secretes a cocoon is the clitellum chetae mouth anus
Expert's answer
14. aschelminthes
15. nematode
16. coelomate
17. hydra
18. turbellaria
19. oligochaeta
20. clitellum

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