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Question #39196
After having six children, what is the chance that the parents will produce a son?
Expert's answer
The chance of getting a son is 50%. It is independent of having any (or no) children previously.

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Assignment Expert
19.02.14, 14:53

Females have two of the same kind of sex chromosomes (XX), while males have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY). An oocyte (female gamete) has a single X chromosome. A sperm cell (male gamete) has either an X chromosome or a Y chromosome. If a Y-bearing sperm cell fertilizes an oocyte, the zygote is a male (XY). If an X-bearing sperm cell fertilizes an oocyte, then the zygote is a female (XX). The male (XY) and female (XX) offspring are in a 50-50 ratio with an equal number of boys and girls. Therefore, the chance of having a boy is 1/2 or 50% and the chance of a girl is also 1/2 or 50%. This ratio can be demonstrated by tossing a coin many times and keeping track of the number of heads and tails. If enough tosses are made, the number of heads and tails should be very close to 50-50

Abdiaziz Wiseman
17.02.14, 12:34

Sorry, but your answer is not as clear as I have expected. So please can you give me an extra information?

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