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Question #256586
What distinctive geographical characteristic exist between order Paleognathae and the Neognathae
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  • It comprises a small number of species and includes ratites and tinamous.
  • They have a distinctive arrangement of bones in their palates. This type of arrangement is not found in other birds
  • This superorder is subdivided into five orders i.e Tinamiformes, Rheiformes, Struthioniformes, Casuariiformes, and Dinornithiformes.
  • Their distribution is discontinuous except the bird ostrich, they are confined to the Southern continent and Island.
  • They usually adapt to terrestrial habitat.
  • The size of the bird is usually large.
  • They have a function less tell and feathers are devoid of hooks and hooklets. The barbs are free.


  • It includes all the other modern birds.
  • The birds in this superorder have different management of bones in the palate which distinguished them from the paleognathous birds
  • This superorder is divided into two Infra classes i.e the Galloanserae and the Neoaves.
  • Their distribution is continental.
  • They adapt in all the spheres.
  • Their size is a variable but usually smaller in size.
  • Their tails are functional, help in steering during flight. In the feathers, barbs are united by hooks and hooklets

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