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Question #229179

describe the Chief variants of neurosecretion of non chordates and explain as to how they function

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1.      describe the Chief variants of neurosecretion of non-chordates and explain how they function

-among the non-chordates, there are fewer epithelial endocrine glands thus depend more on secretory cells for the coordination of chemical cells. The progenitors of the concept of neurosecretion are often Berta Scharrer and Ernst Scharrer. The NC’s can easily be located in the histological sections of the ganglia since they comprise of plenty colloids. The colloids are carrier substances for hormones. The neurosecretory neurons are produced in the cell body and carried to the axons with blood spaces at a distance. The cells are then stored in the swellings at a distance from the neuron cell bodies. The secretory materials are then stored at the swellings and the hormones are released from them into the bloodstream.

Also, consider the impact of understanding the cause of metabolic disease and the therapies we can use.

Example 1)

 You could describe the metabolic process of the bacteria that is used during cheese making, indicating the type of respiration that is happening during the process and the chemical reactions necessary for the formation of lactic acid.

-previously, lactic acid was produced by the natural existing bacteria. With the current modernity, they are inoculated artificially by a selection of bacterial starters. The process is vital in cheese formation, it requires a temperature of not more than 40% C of lactococcus acid. The formation of lactic acid from lactose and water summarizes an anaerobic formation as follows

   C12H22O11 (lactose) + H2O (water) → 4 CH3CHOHCOOH (lactic acid)


Example 2)

You could describe the mechanism of drugs such as statins, which inhibit the function of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase and so reduce the synthesis of cholesterol in the body. You could report the manner in which the inhibitors interact with their enzyme target, if they are allosteric or competitive and what the result of that inhibition is to the cell. (Try to pick an alternative example to statins).

-statins drugs work by competitively blocking the most dominant and active sites of the initial key rate-limiting enzyme in the mevalonate pathway, HMG-CoA reductase. The inhibition of the site often prevents the access of the subs hence blocking the conversion of HMG-CoA to the acid. The drugs are prescribed to lower the cholesterol level in the bloodstream .discontinuation and non-adherence is the ongoing problems related to the drugs due to muscle symptoms.

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