Answer to Question #204886 in Biology for Ellise Gray

Question #204886

Causes, mechanism of impairment or attack, symptoms and possible treatments of the following diseases of circulatory system:

1. Hypertension 

2. Aneurysm 

3. Rheumatic Heart Disease 

4. Stroke 

5. Leukemia 

6. Sickle-cell Anemia 

7. Atherosclerosis 

8. Thrombosis

9. Hemophilia

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Hypertension is a condition of high pressure in the blood. Research postulates that the condition may arise from various factors. Such include; underlying conditions in the body, age, sex, drug use, lifestyle, etc. underlying conditions that may contribute to hypertension are volume of blood plasma volume and chronic kidney disease. On the other hand, considering age, as approaches 50 years and above the pressure in the blood start to rise and this may lead to hypertension. This increase in blood pressure is a result of the blood vessels narrowing smaller hence low resistance to blood pressure. Also, the use of drugs like tobacco and alcohol frequently in high amounts can cause the condition of hypertension. Consequently, the lifestyle that one lives in can cause hypertension condition. For instance, taking meals of a high-fat diet, high salt, and low potassium are chances of hypertension. Stress equally contributes to hypertension if not properly managed.

Numerous pathogenesis has been identified over hypertension. An increase in pressure of the blood may lead to stroke. Hypertension of the artery results from an increase in blood pressure. Therefore blood pressure should be regulated though; controlling the volume of the circulatory blood, stimulation of the neurons, and elasticity and reactivity of the vascular caliber.

Symptoms of hypertension are hard to be detected and so many people succumb before realizing it. In some patients, hypertension makes them sweat, be anxious, and sometimes have problems when sleeping at an early stage. After a long stay of the condition, it may result in the failure of body organs like the heart and kidney, the artery wall may also burst. To prevent the condition from causing harm early actions should be taken. Patients should avoid any further consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Also, such patients diet with less salt and low fat. In addition, they should frequently visit the hospital for checking their blood pressure.



Aneurysm condition may result due to the effect trauma, heredity, high blood pressure, and infection of the artery vessel. The brain, legs, spleen, and aorta are major areas in the body that are majorly exposed to the aneurysm. For instance, in circumstances that the artery vessel has broken down, the mycotic aneurysm may rise. The arteries can either break down due to high blood pressure passing through them. Further, the injury to the tissues surrounding the brain may break the arteries supplying oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Once the arteries are broken down they can rise to the aneurysm.

Symptoms of aneurysm especially brain aneurysm may include; loss of consciousness, pain in the neck, dizziness, feeling sick and tired vomiting, closing eyelid, etc. the condition of aneurysm should be diagnosed early followed by treatment. Surgery should be done to correct the condition. The experts, neurosurgeons professionally repair the damaged tissue. Equally. Coiling of the endovascular can be done by inserting a tube in the part of the broken artery.

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