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Specimen 4. Cerebrum

Illustrate and indicate: I. Cerebral cortex: 1. Plexiform (molecular) layer; 2. Outer granular layer; 3. Pyramidal cell layer; 4. Inner granular layer; 5. Ganglionic layer; 6.Multiform cell layer; II. White matter

Specimen 3. Cerebellum

Illustrate and indicate: I. Cerebellar cortex: 1. Molecular layer; 2. Single layer of huge neurons: (Purkinje cells); 3. Granule cell layer; II. White matter.

 (draw please)

Specimen 2. Spinal cord

Illustrate and indicate: 1. Anterior median sulcus; 2. Posterior median septum; 3. Central canal; 4. Ventral (anterior) horn; 5. Dorsal (posterior) horn; 6. Lateral (intermediate) horn; 7. Ventral white column; 8. Lateral white column; 9. Dorsal white column; 10. Multipolar neurons.

Students must know and illustrate such histological specimens:


Specimen 1. Spinal node

Illustrate and indicate: 1. Capsule; 2. Dorsal root; 3. Ventral root; 4. Ganglion cells; 5. Satellite cells; 6. Bundle of the nerve fibers; 7. Fibroblasts (nuclei) in the interstitial tissue.

Which of the following correctly lists the order of the various stages of development in animals?

a. Gamete formation, fertilization, organogenesis, cleavage

b. Fertilization, gamete formation, cleavage, organogenesis

c. Gamete formation, fertilization, cleavage, organogenesis

What is the feature of cells in Gastrulation phase?

a. Division

b. Migration

c. Differentiation

d. All of these

The tube that carries the sperm out of the testes is;

a. vasa efferentia

b. Vas deferens

c. Oviduct

d. Epididimys

When the sperm count is high, inhibin hormone release increases which;

a. inhibits the anterior pituitary release FSH hormone

b. Increase FSH secretion by anterior pituitary

c. Inhibits the release of LH hormone

d. Increase the release of LH hormone

Fallopian tube is a part of:

a. Uterus

b. Ovary

c. Oviduct

d. Vas derfern

Using a Venn diagram, compare (similarities) and contrast (differences) the reproduction and development of Procambarus virginalis (Marbled crayfish) and Chanos chanos (Milk fish).

Employing a conceptual diagram, trace at what parts and or stages of the female reproduction wherein menstruation and miscarriage are comparable and contrasting.

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