Answer to Question #187711 in Microbiology for Chelsea Temple

Question #187711

Beginning to feel better

a. decline

b. convalescence

c. illness

d. prodromal period

i think its either A or B. Thank you very much!!

During her recent stay in the hospital following routine surgery, Liza contracts influenza from another patient. This infection is most specifically described as:

a. nosocomial

b. endogenous

c. exogenous

d. iatrogenic

I answered C, but i don't know if that is correct. Endogenous is an infectious that arose from the patient's own normal flora as an opportunistic infection. However, it could be B because Endogenous means they are caused by a microbe introduced to the patient while in the healthcare setting.

The number of microbes needed to cause illness in the host

A. the disease threshold

B. Minimum illness dose

C. Infectious dose

D. Minimum concentration

I believe it is minimum illness dose because the smallest amount of a drug or other microbes needed to produce a desired or specified.

Thank you very much!!

Expert's answer

1) Beginning to feel better

The correct answer is Convalescence.

Convalescence is the stage when the symptoms resolve and the person starts feeling better and can return to their usual functions.


Disease threshold refers to the condition of the disease after which there is requirement for proper medical attention. This depends upon the infection.

Minimum illness dose can be referred to the minimum microbe quantity that can lead to a proper infection in the host body.

Infectious dose refers to the number of microbes that can simply lead to an infection in the host body.

Minimum concentration is a very general terminology.


The correct answer is C. Infectious dose.

This is because, infectious dose refers to the number of microbes that are required in order to create any illness by causing an infection in the host body.


 the correct answer is a. nosocomial

The diseases or infection which are acquired after admitting into the hospital are called as nosocomial or hospital acquired infection

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