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Answer on Genetics Question for Sanjukta Ghosh

Question #61081
Is induction and derepression the same thing?

In lac operon when Allolactose molecule is present in the medium (in the bacterial cell) it binds to the monomer of repressor and reduces the binding affinity of repressor to the operator site and the RNA polymerase is free to synthesis a polycistronic mRNA. Thus the allolactose molecule turns on the expression of lac operon by removing repression.

So I conclude that in lac operon induction is same as derepression. But does it hold true for all operons or there are operons in which induction is achieved without repressing the repressor?
Expert's answer
No. They are not the same. The differences between them are the following:
1. Induction:
1. It turns the operon on.
2. It starts transcription and translations.
3. It is caused by a new metabolite which needs enzymes to get metabolized.
4. It operates in a catabolic pathway.
5. Repressor is prevented by the inducer from joining the operator gene.

2. Repression:
1. It turns the operon off.
2. It stops transcription and translation
3. It is caused by an excess of existing metabolite.
4. It operates in an anabolic pathway.
5. Aporepressor is enabled by a co-repressor to join the operator gene.

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Assignment Expert
01.08.2016 10:25

Dear Sanjukta Ghosh,
please use panel for submitting new questions

Sanjukta Ghosh
01.08.2016 10:10

There's a mistake, my question was about induction and derepression and not repression.

Assignment Expert
01.08.2016 10:01

Dear Sanjukta Ghosh,
please use panel for submitting new questions

Sanjukta Ghosh
31.07.2016 12:33

I couldn't add the following info to my ques:
Induction is the process of turning on the expression of gene in the response to a substance in the enviornment is called induction.
The removal of repression, such as of an operon so that gene transcription occurs or is enhanced, with the net result frequently being elevation of the level of a specific enzyme. This effect is called derepression.
Based on these definitions I have concluded that in lac operon induction is same as derepression.

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