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Question #64592
What are examples of ecological parameters?

I think an ecological parameter is:
A variable, measurable property whose value is a determinant of the characteristics of an ecosystem.
But what could these parameters be? In other words, what are some examples of 'parameters'? Can they be both abiotic(e.g.amount of rainfall) and biotic(e.g.species diversity)?
I assume they possibly vary with ecosystem.

P.S. This question is related to my last one. I actually wanted to replace it but it was too late for that. I will appreciate if you answered this one for I have figured out what ecological factors are.
Expert's answer
Ecological factor or ecofactor is any factor, abiotic or biotic, that influences living organisms.
Abiotic factors: amount of sunlight, pH of water, ambient temperature.
Biotic factors: presence of conspecifics, parasites, predators, parasites.

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I'm afraid the answer doesn't answer the question.

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