Answer to Question #97330 in Cell Biology for Abhishek

Question #97330
Describe the role of each of the following in protein synthesis :

(1) Ribosome

(2) tRNA

(3) Aminoacyl - tRNA synthetase

(4) Release factor
Expert's answer

1)The function of ribosomes is to recognize three-nucleotide codons of mRNA, to compare them with the corresponding anticodons of tRNA which is carrying amino acids, and to attach these amino acids to the growing protein chain. Moving along the mRNA molecule, the ribosome synthesizes the protein in accordance with the information contained in the mRNA molecule.

2)tRNA complementary joins the mRNA codon with its anticodon during translation. The corresponding amino acid is pre-attached to the end of tRNA. After codon-andicodon interaction aminoacid is embedded in the growing protein chain.

3)The addition of amino acids to tRNA

4)Release factors are proteins which recognize mRNA stop-codons and catalyze the hydrolysis of tRNA from synthesized polypeptide. Thus, release factors are involved in the termination of translation.

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