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Question #247172
1. Com positions of cells & fibers in L.C.T.
2. The structure and function of fibroblast.
3. The structure and function of macrophage.
4. The difference of three fibers of L.C.T.
5. Please preview blood and bone.
Expert's answer

1. Ground substance is a clear, colorless, viscous fluid that fills the space between the cells and fibers. It is composed of proteoglycans and cell adhesion proteins that allow the connective tissue to act as glue for the cells to attach to the matrix.

2. Fibroblasts have a branched cytoplasm surrounding an elliptical, speckled nucleus having two or more nucleoli. Fibroblast is responsible for making the extracellular matrix and collagen,which form the structural framework of tissues in animals and plays an important role in tissue repair.

3. Macrophage is a large white blood cell that contains vacuoles and granules that are basophilic in nature, that engulfs and digests anything that does not have, on its surface, proteins that are specific to healthy body cells.

4. Collagen fibers - most are type I collagen (most abundant protein in the body)Tensile strength - resistance to stretching

Elastic fibers - contain elastin and fibrillin- Elasticity - can be stretched, yet still, return to its original length

Reticular fibers - contain type III collagen- Support - network of thin fibers

-Different stains

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