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Question #232697
All are protiens of cell membrane that are involved in flow of nerve impulse except
1-channel proteins
2-carrier protiens
3-peripheral protiens
4-integral protiens
Also give explanation
Expert's answer

The plasma membrane is composed of a bilipid layer, proteins, carbohydrates, and other lipids. Many membrane proteins are also there in the plasma membrane which aid in the passage of other molecules across the plasma membrane. 


4. integral proteins


Integral proteins are those membrane proteins that are found embedded in the bilipid layer. They usually act as cell receptors, helps in cell adhesion, transporters, and potassium channel. They do not play any role in nerve conduction.

Hence option 4 is the correct choice. Integral proteins are not involved in flow of nerve impulses.

Incorrect explanation:

Transmembrane proteins like channel proteins and carrier proteins acts as a sodium/potassium pump and it transports sodium ions (Na+) out of a cell and K+ ions inside the cell. The difference in concentration gradient across both sides of membranes generates action potential or a nerve impulse. Peripheral proteins are involved in cell signaling.

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