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Question #157096

Write a song that will help you remember the stages of the cell cycle. It will need to be at least 12 lines in length and should rhyme!

Expert's answer

The first stage of cell cycle is Prophase,

Separation of a parent cell into two identical daughter cells take place in this phase,

The second stage of the cell cycle is Prometaphase,

The nuclear envelope, breaks down in this phase,

The third stage of the cell cycle is Metaphase,

Chromosomes align themselves in the middle of the cell in this phase,

The fourth stage of the cell cycle is Anaphase,

Each pair of chromosomes is separated into two identical chromosomes happens in this phase,

The fifth stage of the cell cycle is Telophase,

Spindle breaks down, and new nuclear membranes in this phase,

The sixth stage of the cell cycle is Cytokinesis,

Division of the cytoplasm into two daughter cells happens in this phase.

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