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Question #152725
1)enumerate the functions of different organelles of eukaryotic cells (at least 15)
2)enumerate five staining technique that can be used during histological studies
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1.Chloroplast-converts sunlight into glucose

2.Vacuole-used for storage

3.Lysosomes-protect cell from invaders; break down worn- out cell part

4.Centrioles-make up cilia and flagella.

5. Nucleus-stores genetic information

6.Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum-Contains a combination of proteins and enzymes. It has a number of ribosomes giving it a rough appearance. Its function is to synthesize new proteins.

7.Ribosomes-link amino acids to form protein

8.Golgi apparatus-processes, sorts, and delivers protein

9.Vesicles-transport materials from place to place within a cel

10.Mitochondria-supplies energy to the cel

11.Cytosketeton-helps position and transport organelles; provides strength; aids in movement

12.Nucleolus-Ribosomal RNA is synthesized from instructions from the DNA

13.Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum-Synthesizes lipids, detoxifies drugs and poisons, and stores calcium ions

14.Cytoplasm-Jelly-like material present outside the nucleus in which the cell organelles are located

15.Peroxisome-contains enzymes that transfer hydrogen to water, producing hydrogen peroxide as a by product, which is converted into water by other enzymes.

Question 2.

1.Differential Staining - is a staining process which uses more than one chemical stain.

2.Gram Staining - is a technique used to differentiate two large groups of bacteria based on their different cell wall constituents.

3.Acid fast Staining - is a differential stain used to identify acid-fast organisms i.e members of the Genus Mycobacterium.

4.Endospore Staining - is a technique used in bacteriology to identify the presence of endospores in a bacterial sample, which can be useful for classifying bacteria.

5 Simple Staining - is a technique that only uses one type of stain on a slide at a time.

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