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Question #132412
Given the following information about the inheritance of characteristics in pea plants, answer the questions below:
Y (yellow) is dominant to y (green)
R (round) is dominant to r (wrinkled)
B (bitter) is dominant to b (sweet)
S (smooth) is dominant to s (hairy)
L (long pod) shows incomplete dominance to 1 (short pod) (Ll is medium in length)
Given this cross: (P1) Yy Rr Bb SS Ll (male) x yy RR Bb Ss Ll (female)
a. How many different gametes can be formed by the female plant?
b. How many different genotypes are possible in the F1 offspring?
c. How many different phenotypes are possible in the F1 offspring?
d. What percent of the F1 individuals will be
green, bitter, and smooth _______________
hairy, medium, and sweet ______________
round, bitter, and long _________________
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