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Question #128262
How does meiosis differ from mitosis?
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The cell divides and reproduce through meiosis and mitosis.

Meiosis differ from mitosis in a number of ways;

·        Meiosis daughter cells are genetically different while mitosis daughter cells are genetically similar.

·        Meiosis occur in two successive cell division resulting into four daughter cells while mitosis occur in one cell division which result into two daughter cells.

·        Meiosis occurs only in plants, animals and fungi while mitosis occur in animals except viruses.

·        In meiosis, prophase 1 takes longer since it involves crossing over of chromosomes as compared to prophase 1 in mitosis which takes less time because it doesn’t involve crossing over of chromosomes.

·        In metaphase 1 in meiosis, pair of chromosomes line up along the equator while in metaphase of mitosis individual chromosomes line up along the equator.

·        Meiosis, in anaphase 1, sister chromatids move together to the same pole and later separate to opposite poles in anaphase 2 while in mitosis anaphase, sister chromatids are directly separated to opposite poles.

·        Meiosis involves sexual type of production which result in sex cells only; female egg cells or male sperm cells, while mitosis involves asexual type of reproduction resulting into everything other than sex cells.

·        Mitosis gives nuclei with the same number of chromosomes as the mother cell while meiosis gives cells with half the number.

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