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For the Squat, what is/are the primary
1.Plane of Motion?
2 Joints Involved?
3 Joint Actions?
4 Axis of Motion?
The distance from the pitcher’s mound to home plate is 60 feet 6 inches (18.44 m). The fastest recorded pitch is 104.8 mph (46.85 m/s). If the pitch was thrown with a release angle of 0º relative to the horizontal, what is the vertical displacement of the ball between ball release on the mound and home plate? Assume the ball is released 18.44 m from home plate.
Calculate the magnitude of the force required to cause an anterior dislocation of the glenohumeral joint given that he force has a lever arm of 52 cm, the maximum magnitude of the resistance force is 1080 N and the resistance force has a lever arm of 4.3 cm.
for a man of mass 75kg and height 185 cm claculate the following using standard anthropometric data.
1. length of his upper arm
2. mass of his upper arm
3. position of the centre of mass of his upper arm relative to the glenohumeral joint
4. radius of gyration of his upper arm about his glenohumeral joint
5. moment of inertia of his upper arm about his glenohumeral joint
A subject with a height of 165cm and mass of 69 kg is sitting with his lower limb positioned with hip in 90 degree of flexion and knee in full extension and foot in 90 degree of dorsiflexion
a) calculate the inter-segment force at the knee joint
b)Calculate the net external moment about the knee joint
c) Calculate the force in the patella tendon, given that it acts horizontally with a lever arm of 4 cm about the centre of the joint
d)The joint force at the knee joint
e) Comment on the difference in the inter-segment force and the joint force at the knee joint
When a weight-lifter lifts a weight equal to his upper body weight his trunk makes an angle of 40 degrees, with the vertical, as shown in the diagram below. In this position the erector spinae muscles exert a large force on the sacrum at an angle of 40 degree to the vertical with a moment arm of 50.0 mm about the mid-point between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae. Assuming that the weight-lifter is quasi-static.
(i) Calculate the position and magnitude of the ground reaction force
where upper body weight is 430N
lower body weight is 370N
upper body mass moment arm is 23cm
lower ody mass m0ment arem is 15cm
weight mament arem is 35cm
muscle force moment ARM IS 50CM
Shoulder impingement syndrome would most likely involve what muscle?
Which flexor is most effective with the hand in mid-pronation?
The true "elbow" joint is what?
i m student of physiotherapy ....3rd semester. and my sir told me that u take any topic and make a project writen so what can i do........sub biokinesiology
what is the strongest muscul in body?
I need some topics for project on biomechanics topic...
(mtech biomedical engineering).
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